LaRocca’s Country Market

Tommy LaRocca partnered with Rebrandery when his family purchased the country food marketplace they worked at for 40 years with his parents, Tommaso and Lucy, the LaRocca’s. Creating a new brand identity, now people know LaRocca’s Country Market as a true country market in North Stamford. LaRocca says being the sole owner of a small local business allows him to make decisions big corporations would never allow, and it’s been a way of life that has created a loyal customer base.

“It takes years to earn a customer and seconds to lose them,” LaRocca said. “Our employees know almost everyone who comes in, know them by name, by what they like to eat. We know everybody, it seems. If you live in the neighborhood, you know me and I know you, pretty much. Sometimes kindness is better than advertising.”

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  • 2021
  • LaRocca’s Country Market